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iGlobe 3D


iGlobe3D spherical display technology engages the viewer with 3D imagery and innovative user interface software. Similar to our full spherical display, iGlobe-3D creates highly accurate representations of Earth, celestial bodies, or other interpretive content and has the added advantages of exceedingly high resolution, and stellar performance in any lighting situation. People enjoy viewing the iGlobe-3D because the picture is essentially perfect.


The secret behind the iGlobe3D is a patented light diverging optical layer that mounts on a flat panel display. These optics warp the appearance of 2D imagery to appear as a 3D sphere floating in space with extremely accurate depth and perspective, without the need to wear special glasses. iGlobe3D must be seen to be fully appreciated.

iGlobe3D provides a golden opportunity for your business or organization to create eye-popping experiences at a fraction of the cost of a full spherical display.


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