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Digital Globes by iGlobe Inc.

Merging the advantages of digital technology & centuries old technology to display dynamic global satellite data in the most intuitive and fascinating manner possible.

Our Products

We’ve got it covered.

iGlobe offers two types of spherical displays, full sphere and quasi- spherical systems, each with their own inherent advantages.

Our Products

iGlobe Mini.

Desktop Spherical Display

New for 2020!


Pedestal Spherical Display

The Hyperglobe spherical screen solution comes in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to suit your needs. 



Quasi Spherical Display

Truly one of a kind.


Portable Dome Theater

With the sphere removed, the iGlobe base unit displays in the HyperDome, our portable immersive planetarium theater.


Software Interface

iGlobe has teamed up with MIT to offer a stable and highly customizable interface solution.

iGlobe Gear.

Tee Shirts and More

coming soon 2.png

iGlobe helps to improve student performance in STEM Education.

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